So what is magnetic — or electromagnetic — therapy? Well, in short, it is a therapy based on energy which is specifically designed to aid in the relief of pain. Of course, that does not really explain how it works.

Put simply, certain medical practitioners believe that there are magnetic static fields which can affect the body — some positively and others negatively.

It is believed that this kind of therapy can help boost energy, relieve pain, and even help people sleep better. According to many reports, not only is this therapy completely safe, but it is said to have no side effects either.

So how does it work? It is believed that if the body is to maintain and keep up the maximum of healing, then it has to have electromagnetic balance. Due to various things, from the sun to power lines, our personal electromagnetic force can be seriously out of balance. Magnetic therapy can help to maintain that balance, in addition to providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, restoring energy, improving the circulation of blood, preventing and even healing infection, improving metabolism, and aiding in the whole healing process.

A lot of people suffer from tendinitis, which is not only extremely uncomfortable but which is also painful.

As the name of the condition itself suggests, it affects the tendons. Specifically, in tendinitis, the tendons become inflamed. That may sound simple, but the results are extraordinarily painful; they can even be quite debilitating.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments — natural ones at that — which can be used to ease the pain caused by tendinitis. For one thing, the condition itself can be related to either overusing your tendons, or using them improperly. If, for instance, the injury is sustained because you have been jogging too much, taking a break can be helpful.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has also been shown to help the condition. Acupuncture in particular is said to be extremely helpful.

Renting a stairlift is a great alternative to making a purchase.

To be perfectly honest – up until I was an older child, I did not understand exactly what Feng Shui meant, nor did I understand why people were constantly moving their furniture around the rooms in an effort to keep the peace.  Now, I know that there is much more to Feng Shui than just moving furniture around and the Feng Shui that I am talking about refers to colors.

While I never realized it – colors are actually one of the main reasons why our moods can switch on and off all of the time.  There are different meanings behind the colors and if you – for example, paint your living room red, you will most likely have very passionate conversations and experiences there because passion is what the color red evokes.

Yellow is a warm and friendly color, which is one of the main reasons why people are constantly painting their homes yellow.  Blue is a calming color and green is a color that is full of life – these are all Feng Shui colors and they truly can help you with those mood swings of yours!

Now that we have discussed just some of the things that can truly help you via taking chamomile, let’s talk about some more things that this heavenly flower can offer up.  One thing that it does it truly helps all sorts of muscle strains, which is fantastic for athletes who are constantly pulling their muscles.  Another thing that chamomile helps fight against are both streptococcus and staphylococcus.

While most people are familiar with chamomile tea to get their daily dose of chamomile, that is not the best way to get it.  You can get it via creams, pills and even tinctures, which is a fantastic way!  If you are looking for a cream that contains chamomile, you want to make sure that you find one that contains about three percent of it – in the tinctures and pills; about one percent is good enough.

Chamomile is one of those herbs that have no or very few side effects, however, you want to make sure that you talk to your doctor before trying anything.

When you truly think about it – herbs are something that are so powerful and can truly do everything for you that all of those over-the-counter medicines and things can do … without everything that is harmful to your body.  For example, Chamomile is one of those flowers that are so powerful in the way of healing that people do not truly know what is locked away in this particular herb.  While Chamomile tea is used to promote relaxation, which is not all that this little flower can do for you.

When cooled, Chamomile is actually something that can truly help with soothing rashes, sunburns and other skin irritations that you might not expect from this particular herb.  The active chemicals in Chamomile work a lot like the prescription anti-anxiety medicines do and that is why Chamomile tea is so good for not only relaxation, but also for really getting rid of your anxiety!

Another thing that Chamomile is great for is menstrual cramps – which help us women out a lot of the time!

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