Depression is something that is terrible.  It not only affects your mood but it can also affect your life – overall.  It is something that can come on at the worst times and it is something that many people do not really know about until they have it and have been diagnosed.  While there are many different medical options for you, the worse thing about them is the side effects.

That is why so many people stop taking their anti-depressants.  That is why I stopped mine and instead, I actually am using St. John’s Wort and I have to say that this little herb is something that is so awesome for depression.  Not only does it work wonders, but there are no side effects to worry about.

If you are looking for a fantastic herb that helps with depression, St. John’s Wort is the herb that you have been looking for!

Now, I would not ever think that there was a reason to have a bee stinging you and for it to actually do anything for you.  However, for centuries, bee pollen, honey and bee venom even has been used to treat all kinds of things ranging from skin conditions all the way to chronic pain.  The venom in a bee sting actually works as a natural anti-inflammatory for chronic pain.

What you might not know is that bee venom is actually made up of a complex composition of amino acids, proteins and enzymes.  It is basically a colorless liquid that has a very sweet taste and is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol.  Bee venom also contains a heck of a lot of mineral substances.

There are so many uses for bee venom that I would have never thought of – it is something that you should think about when you are looking for something for your chronic pain!

Renting a stairlift is a great alternative to making a purchase.

What you might not realize is that there are a ton of different cures and home remedies right in your kitchen that can help you with all sorts of different aches, pains and even some health concerns that you might have.  That is exactly what we are going to explore in the next few blogs, so make sure that you stay tuned!

First up?  Apple cider vinegar.  This little vinegar is something that should be staple in your kitchen, as it is a fantastic and natural remedy for all sorts of things.  The biggest thing though is heartburn.  If you are a constant sufferer of heartburn, you should absolutely make sure that you dip into some apple cider vinegar.

So next time – rather than taking a typical dose of antacids, make sure that you just down some spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar, it will really help you!

Whenever you are looking for something to fight all sorts of common infections – you need to just look for some Tea Tree Oil!  This particular oil mixed with some silver nitrate is fantastic to fight all sorts of common micro-organisms.  Now, when you are dealing with these two particular ingredients, you want to make sure that you are mixing up low concentrations – because the two of them together actually have increased antimicrobial activity.

Dealing with these two particular things, you always want to make sure that you are careful and that you do your research, however I can tell you for a fact that they work … as I have used them.  This little combination is a brand new one and may even be en effective treatment for MRSA or methicillin resistant staph aureus, which seems to be an increasing concern.

Natural remedies are always fantastic, however you always want to make sure that you are careful with them and talk to your doctor about them.

Now that we have talked about bath teas by fortune cookie soap, let’s talk about one more new product that they have coming out very soon – fortune cookie soap bath milk.  Now, bath milk is something that is not only fantastic smelling, especially this one that smells just like pumpkin cheesecake, but it is also very, very good for your skin.

Fortune cookie soap’s bath milk actually contains everything from pumpkin powder full of vitamins and minerals all the way to some Epsom salt which can certainly help with softening your skin on up and melting away some of that pain that you might be experiencing from – being on the computer too much.

The great thing about this particular product?  Besides the fact that it rocks of course is the price tag – fortune cookie soap is a company that does not overcharge and they truly create some beautiful, sweet-smelling and all around fantastic products!

I have been a huge fan of the fortune cookie soap products.  Not only do I think that the creators are beautiful people, but the products themselves are absolutely incredible.  The quality that goes into fortune cookie soap is absolutely incredible and if you have not heard (probably because it hasn’t exactly been launched yet, but I have the down low about it), fortune cookie soap is revamping some of their products!

This particular product is their Rejuvenate Me bath tea and I have to say that these bath teas are something very different and unique.  Boil them on the stove for five minutes then drop everything into your bath water and I swear you got yourself something awesome!  This particular bath tea has lemongrass, rosemary and some mint, which was all designed to wake you right up.

Fortune cookie soap has some fantastic products and you should absolutely check them out – for they are some quality stuff there!

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