When you think about a flower, that is not usually the thing that I think about when I think herbs – however, the Great Yellow Gentian is actually a flower that you can use for all sorts of things.  This is actually a bitter herb that many, many people use in many of the traditional meds that you may be taking right now.

What the Great Yellow Gentian actually does is it helps with all of your digestive problems and it can also assist with the relief of exhaustion from chronic diseases, which is fantastic.  Basically, the Great Yellow Gentian stimulates the gal bladder and liver while at the same time, making the body very, very strong.

The Great Yellow Gentian is a fantastic plant that you should really consider planting whenever you are looking into an herb garden!

Planting herbs is something that so many people are doing right now – not only because they want the herbs to cook with but because the herbs can actually be used for medicinal purposes as well. 

Take the Great Burdock for example; this is one plant that is actually used as a blood purifying agent.  This is actually a fantastic herb to have in your garden, if you are intending to plant herbs for medicinal purposes.

This plant in particular actually grows fantastic in the shade; you just want to make sure that the soil is always moist so that the plant will thrive.  You can also use this particular plant for boils, bruises, burns, acne and ringworm as well as bites – remember that!

Renting a stairlift is a great alternative to making a purchase.

Tai chi is the more often used name for tai chi chuan. It is an ancient form of martial arts that can be used to greatly improve your health.

Specifically, it can help the well being of your body, and to create a balance between your mind and your body.

Because it can also be used as an actual fight technique, there are many different variations and forms of Tai chi.

In total, Tai chi has five traditional schools: Wu, Chen, Sun, Hao, and Yang.

When combined with the theory of balance, Tai chi can help to create a state of mental calm, as well as clear thinking, within the mind. At the same time, the body will fuse with the tranquil, calming processes enforced during the training and the practice.

It is pretty well documented that traditional Chinese herbs can be helpful in any number of ways; they have a significant amount of health benefits.

However, new research suggests that they may be even more beneficial than previously thought. It is said that Chinese herbs may be able to help those who are at a high risk for getting diabetes. In sixteen clinical trials which utilized fifteen different formulations of herbs, it was discovered that the herbal formulas were able to lower the glucose, or blood sugar, levels in those people who had pre diabetes. That means that your body’s blood sugar control is impaired, and can further progress into a full blown case of type 2 diabetes.

The research discovered that by adding herbs and adopting lifestyle changes, patients had a high chance of lowering their levels of blood sugar to the normal range.

Watermelon is not something that you would expect that would help you clean out your kidneys, but to be completely honest, it is one of the top items on my list that helps clean out your kidneys.
For one, watermelon is full of — you guessed it, water.  Therefore it is extremely good for making your kidneys nice and healthy, the more that you eat it.  Let’s say that you fill up on watermelon, wait for a while and then go to the bathroom … you just cleaned out your kidneys.

It truly is that simple and I can promise that you will feel all that much better!

When you are dealing with your health and your body – most people have no idea that something as simple as adding in specific herbs to your diet can really help you in the long run.  For example, did you know that adding in things like marshmallow root or parsley can really help your kidney in the long run?

In the next few blogs, we are going to talk about you can clean out your kidneys and really make them strong and healthy.  Parsley is the first thing that you should be adding into your diet; for it is definitely one thing that can really make your kidneys extremely healthy.

You also want to make sure that you drink a lot of water, as that is something that is going to help you and save you from kidney stones.  Cutting out things like meat and cereal for a while can really help you cleanse your kidney – but we will talk about that more in the next blog!

Now that we have talked about scheduling your session in a place that has no disturbances as well – the next step in self hypnosis is solving your goal.  Now – you want to make sure that you repeat that goal over and over again and make sure that you think about the positive things about the stressful situation.

By far the most important step though is relaxing.  You always want to make sure that your entire body is completely relaxed while you are undergoing self hypnosis.  That way you can concentrate on some deep breathing patterns.  You want to make sure that you allow yourself to feel the air filling up your lungs and slowly being released.

It will help you relax completely and I can promise that you will feel ten times better in the end – especially the more often you do it.

When you think about it – stress is something that can take over your whole life if you let it.  It can come from many different things, the first usually being work-life or home-life.  However, what if there was a way that you could live a stress-free life?  There is, by self hypnotizing yourself.  However, you need to make sure that you learn how to self hypnotize before you actually go through with it.

Whenever you are performing self hypnosis, you just need to free yourself from disturbances and make sure that you actually schedule yourself time to do self hypnotizing.  Disturbances can be terrible, so make sure that you schedule times when you know you are not going to be disturbed.

Next, set a goal for your session.  Before undergoing self hypnosis, you want to decide what stressful situation you are planning to resolve.  In the next blog, we are going to talk more about how you can self hypnotize yourself!

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