A recent study might have found a link between your belly fat and depression.

The research says it is possible that depression causes individuals to gain some extra pounds around the abdominal area. The flip side of the coin does not hold water; proponents found out that people who are overweight are not likely to go through depression compared to their peers with normal weight.

Experts from the University of Alabama in Birmingham looked into a long term study involving cardiac patients. The subjects of the study involve 5,100 male and female subjects aging from 18 to 30 years old.

The researchers were aiming to find a link between the big waist and depression. The follow up after the 15-year study showed that all subjects gained weight but those who are depressed showed faster weight gain pattern. Those who were overweight to stat with did not display changes to affect the factors of depression.

Proponents of the study try to explain the weight gain by linking cortisol, the stress hormone, to depression and the additional poundage around the abdominals.

The study suggests that depression should not only be taken into consideration because of its mental aspects but also of the physical challenges and other health risks it poses.